Production Equipment


HEXAGON 8.10.6 3D Measuring Device

Dovetail Guideway:
Stone plate-integrated, precision processing guideway

Closed-loop Belt:
Controls vibration to enable stable, high-speed scanning

X-axis Tricision Guideway:
Guarantees stable precision with high rigidity and lightweight design


PUMA GT2100 CNC Shelf

Box guideway is applied to all axes to prevent vibration and secure dynamic rigidity, enabling strong/precision processing

Maximum productivity with minimum cost by configuring the largest processing area in its class

Low-inertia spindle design reduces acceleration and deceleration time and improves productivity while the applied high-power motor realizes powerful cutting

Thanks to its multi-functionality that can apply end milling, face milling, drilling, tapping, etc. at the same time, it provides high processing performance through a minimal structure setting


Mynx6500 Machining Center

Applied with a high rigidity machine structure, which maintains high durability and stable precision for heavy-duty cutting

Maintains an excellent processing stability with a wide guide surface applied with a box guideway structure

Applied with a table that allows the highest load in its class to cope with various types of materials

Various specifications are provided to allow selection of suitable spindles according to the processing material

It is possible to exchange the high-speed tool to shorten non-cutting time and improve productivity


Swagelok M200 Automatic Welding Machine

Weld Head Welding Range: 1/16" to 4”

Multilingual support

Maximum output of 200 amps; average of 160 amps

Universal voltage input; compatible with the power sources worldwide (100V-240V)

Microprocessor-based, high-resolution color touch screen

Touch screen for easy operation/use

Automatic internal/external purge gas adjustment

High-speed internal thermal printer

Supports USB flash drive and external monitor output terminals

Recognizes conditions in which welding is impossible and displays a notification message

Displays the errors that occurred during the welding process, stops automatically when an error occurs


Perfect 350PT Argon Welding Machine

Excellent jointing possible by preventing oxidation and nitriding

Excellent welding performance even on a thin plate that is 0.3-millimeters-thick when using high-speed pulse current

Welding without gaps when using low-speed pulse current, excellent welding performance when welding materials of different thickness

Remote function and pulse function

High-performance inverter control improves welding performance and secures the safety of welding current

High frequency start and contact-type start possible


979 Helium Leak Detector

Composed of a molecular high vacuum turbo pump, spectrometer tube, valve block, and platform leak detection electronic device

The combination of a multi-flow mode vacuum system and high detection performance enables rapid leak testing.

MaccroTorr turbo pump used in the equipment enables high-pressure tests with high quantitative and qualitative performance

High performance with helium detection range of 10-10 atm-cc/sec at 10-5.

Applied with the automatic touch screen interface.