PART Processed Products

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NO quality Part NO. SIZE Assembling Description
20SUSNC200428-110020 520*280*Ø100NC200428-110020 Separation-type TRAP for PM
19ALNC200428-110019 NC200428-110019 For heating block heat loss prev
18ALNC200428-110018 Ø55NC200428-110018 COOLING BLOCK
17ALNC200428-110017 NC200428-110017 Equipment connection processing
16SUSNC200428 -110016 NC200428 -110016 Other Structuring Part HOUSING_I
15PEEKNC200428 -110015 43*32*18NC200428 -110015 Ebare spin chuck fixing bracket
14PEEKNC200428 -110014 90*78*12NC200428 -110014 Mirra spin chuck fixing bracket
13Black acetalNC200428 -110013 48*31*42NC200428 -110013 Bushing to fix down the Sorce Ho
12Black acetalNC200428 -110012 55*30*32NC200428 -110012 Bushing to fix down the Sorce He
11Black acetalNC200428 -110011 142*539*34NC200428 -110011 Power connector
10SUSNC200428 -110010 320*250*20NC200428 -110010 Wafer up-do used in Tungsten vap
9SUSNC200428 -110009 320*260*20NC200428 -110009 Wafer up-down used in Ti/Tin vap
8SUSNC200428 -110008 Custom OrderNC200428 -110008 For FLANGE_TEL equipment PM
7SUSNC200428 -110007 Custom OrderNC200428 -110007 Diffusion Flange UPPER FLANGE_L
6SUSNC200428 -110006 Ø78*5.8TNC200428 -110006 Shaft elasticity CA in the cente
5SUSNC200428 -110005 320*250*75NC200428 -110005 Wafer up-down lif used in AL vap
4SUSNC200428 -110004 250*250*140NC200428 -110004 Holds the wafer during the wafer
3TeflonNC200428 -110003 Ø350NC200428 -110003 Leak prevention Te that is inser
2HASTELLOYNC200428-110002 NC200428-110002 For turntable PM
1ALNC200428-110001 Ø 256.78NC200428-110001 TURBO PUMP COVER